One21seventy reflects the Centre's aspiration to increase life expectancy for Indigenous people beyond One in infancy, beyond 21 in children and young adults and beyond seventy in the lifespan

CQI Information

One21seventy has a range of evidence-based practical CQI tools and resources:


Education Centre

Visit the Education Centre for more information on CQI for service delivery staff including senior clinicians, managers and CQI facilitators.


Resource Library

What do we do?

We provide evidence-based practical tools and processes that help primary health care providers to do continuous quality improvement. Our audit and system assessment tools and online data services provide easy data analysis, reporting and interpretation.

The CQI process

The One21seventy CQI cycle assists health centres to understand and demonstrate the quality of their care processes and health outcomes. Steps 1-5 of the cycle should take less than three months to complete; health centres then implement their goals and actions over the remainder of the year.

Step 1

A service agreement provides health centres, services and health authorities with secure access to the One21seventy cycle, tools and services. Agreements can be tailored to suit specific local needs. Click here to get started with One21seventy.

Step 2

One21seventy recommends Foundation Training for as many service staff as possible for effective CQI implementation. Training includes introduction to data collection tools and processes, data input and reporting and the ongoing One21seventy support functions.

Step 3

Data are collected using the audit tools, Systems Assessment Tools and the Health Centre and Community Survey. The data are then entered into the secure One21seventy web-based information system.

Step 4

The web-based information system analyses the data and generates reports in real time. Health centres or services that have agreed to share their data with others receive reports that show de-identified comparative data. Trend data is displayed if multiple cycles have been completed.

Step 5

This stage involves a whole team approach to discuss report findings, identify priority areas for improvement, set goals and plan actions to implement improvements. One21seventy provides templates, resources and negotiated facilitation services throughout the cycle.

Step 6

Management and staff implement the action plan over the following months. One21seventy offers support through the use of its networks, web-based information system and helpdesk services.