The One21seventy sexual health clinical audit tool is designed to improve the quality of care and clinical management of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and blood borne viruses (BBV) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The development of the sexual health clinical audit tool was led by Associate Professor Barbara Nattabi from the Western Australian Centre for Rural Health, University of Western Australia, with the support of the Lowitja Institute. The tool is based on national and state/territory guidelines, key policy, research papers and on consultation with stakeholders across Australia.

The sexual health tool enables primary health care services and specialist clinics to apply state of the art continuous quality improvement (CQI) methods to ensure their for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients receive high quality care.  One21seventy is an evidence-based CQI system that can assist service providers by:

  • Measuring the quality of sexual health care they provide through data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Improving their overall systems for high quality care by setting goals and measuring progress
  • Understanding how they are performing in providing sexual health care
  • Improving staff morale and motivation

With the majority of STIs and BBVs diagnosed and managed within the primary health care system it is essential that the quality of care is high in order to reduce the rates of transmission and infection. The One21seventy sexual health tool covers the basic elements of sexual health clinical care and the purpose of the sexual health audit is to determine the management of an ‘STI/BBV episode’, that is, from the time the client first presents to the health centre in regard to his/her diagnosis and risk factors, right through to lab investigations, treatment, follow up care and contact tracing. 

The tool, protocol and report are the latest addition to the One21seventy suite of resources that support best practice primary health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The tool enables health services and clinicians to systematically assess the quality and delivery of their sexual health clinical care and management. Audit and systems data are entered into the secure One21seventy website and collated reports including graphs, tables and descriptive text are generated automatically.

The report provides health services with information that can assist in identifying priority areas for improvement. With each completed CQI cycle, the report tracks changes in the quality care and system development over time.

For more information about the sexual health clinical audit or if you would like to discuss your service priorities or auditing plans please email or call us on 1800 182 474.